DIY Home Security Tips for Any Budget

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When it comes to home security tips, possibly the best advice anyone could give is for you to care about the security of your home. You may think you’re in a safe neighborhood and that the locks that came on your doors and windows will be enough, but break-ins do happen, and criminals are far more likely to target a home with older locks and lower security precautions than one that has motion-sensor lighting or a company sticker in the window. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford the protection of a professionally installed home security system, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your own steps to stronger home defenses and greater peace of mind.

Locks and Alarms

There are a number of cheap and effective door and window locks and alarms out there on the market that can add an extra measure of security to your home while also alerting you to potential dangers or break-ins if they occur. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to DIY your home security is to manually install some deadbolts on the inside of your doors. IMG_0231_2Different kinds of deadbolts can provide you different measures of protection, whether they’re separately installed to your doors or are connected to your door handle.

Alarms are an important part of every home’s security because they can alert you to unwanted intruders or breaches of security. There are a number of simple closed-circuit alarms that are fairly cheap to purchase and install on your doorframe or windowsill, while other smaller types can be embedded within your doorframes or windowsills for only a little extra cost and effort. If your budget is really tight, a great first step is simply to hang a string of bells from the handle of each outer door in your home. It’s a great way to be aware of when someone is coming or going from the house.

Security Devices

motion-alarms-135448943There are a number of security devices and sensors out there that can add to your home’s security without breaking your bank. Motion detectors, video surveillance cameras, and window contacts are just a few of the devices out there that you can purchase separately or in kits to DIY your way to tighter security. With just a little bit of research and know-how, you can have your own security system up and running without paying a huge bill to a company for installation and maintenance fees.

Home Automation

If you’re considering installing your own DIY home security system, then doing your own home automation might not be that much larger of a step. In fact, home automation systems can help your home security run much more smoothly, and they can also add the benefits of convenience and comfort to your home. Remote home control 178895291You can automate your lights not only to turn on or dim automatically, but to turn on and off at predetermined times while you’re away from your home, giving the appearance of someone inside. You can also automate many other functions on your property, including hot tubs, spas, pools, music, appliances, and temperature. Of course, larger-scale home automation will most likely require professional hands for installation, but many automation devices and equipments can be purchased separately or in kits that are low-priced and low-hassle. In fact, home automation has become increasingly easier for DIY lovers due to smart phones and a number of automation apps that allow you to make your mobile device the control panel for your entire house and security system.

Take advantage of the many do-it-yourself options available to homeowners like you and start your journey to tighter home security on any budget! To speak with a professional, call 866-565-4305.