DIY Home Automation System Temperature Control

With a DIY home automation system, the sky is the limit when it comes to home convenience and complete control of your home. With the press of a button or the sound of your voice, you can control numerous appliances and features of your home. One of the most popular home automation features out on the market today is automated thermostats. These smart thermostats have a number of brilliant functions that not only make temperature control easy and convenient, but that contribute to the integrity of your home by monitoring unusual drops or spikes in temperature that could be potentially dangerous or damaging to the home and its inhabitants. The good news is that many of the temperature control devices are sold individually and can be manually installed without too much hassle.

Temperature Monitoring

Household energy usage meter 186796121There may be a hundred reasons why temperature monitoring is a good idea in your home. Consider this example: You leave for a family vacation during the winter months, and you won’t be back for two weeks. You’re looking forward to the trip and getting out of the cold for a couple of weeks. While you’re gone, you find out that your area is experiencing a severe freeze, and you start to worry about your home in the cold without anyone to turn on the heater. When you return home, you find that when you turn on your faucets, they shake and make pressure noises, but no water comes out. You call a professional and discover that sure enough, a number of key pipes froze and cracked during the freeze while you were away, and now you’re facing thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Unfortunately, this can be a real problem in areas that experience winter months with temperatures that drop below freezing. Even if you live in a warm area, you can still experience difficulties with your house overheating and damaging valuables, furniture, or wines. Wherever you live, temperature can certainly be a concern for pet owners who leave their pets behind while they’re out at work or on business trips. Automated temperature monitoring allows homeowners to always know exactly what their home temperature is, and many automated thermostats can sync with your mobile device to alert you to preprogrammed harmful or unwanted temperature levels. You can also have remote access to the thermostat so that you can change it while away, always ensuring that your home is safe and any loved ones or pets there are comfortable.

Saving Energy

Family Preparing Salad 81754975Whether you’re trying to go green or save a few bucks each month, some automated thermostats can help you conserve energy by automatically changing in-home temperatures to energy-saving levels while you’re away. Then, while you’re en route from work or being out, you can change the temperatures back to normal from your mobile device so that your home is a comfortable temperature when you arrive home. Some of these kinds of “smart” thermostats have been known to save homeowners up to 25% on energy bills.

If you’re concerned with your home’s temperature maintenance, you may want to consider investing in an easy to use, simple to install automated thermostat to save you time, energy, money, and discomfort.